Album: Demo 2010 (2010)

Song: What Sense May Play

Bitrate: 192kbps

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"We used to be metal, but now we're pussies.."
-Will and Ned's Excellent Adventure

Fours, a four-piece from Duluth, MN, formed in 2007 in a dingy basement over a bottle of Jag. Since then, they've played sexy, "woo hoo, hoo hoo" music, rippin' the occasional guitar and sax solo and can sometimes drum "all Strokes-y and shit". They have a love-hate-hate relationship to Winter, enjoy a good bench and a gorgeous neck-beard.
Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter, Will Dack, currently lives in Norway and the rest of the band is spread around Minnesota. They still manage to record, send song ideas back and forth and have gotten quite a broner over the idea of a winter tour.

Keep posted for East Coast/Canada dates!